Abbi is Level 2 Certified through Revelation Breathwork. The Breathwork she facilitates is Transformational Breathwork from a physical, mental, emotioal & spiritual point of view.

She sure does!
Check out her the Free Stuff! tab on her website, which is an ever growing page for you to refer back to when you are ready for more free stuff!

Also check out her resources page for more juicy content from other incredible humans!

Abbi holds face to face Breathwork sessions in Mt Lawley, Perth.
She also holds virtual Breathwork sessions via zoom.

Abbi offers 1:1 Breathwork sessions, either face to face or virtual.
Follow the link on her Instagram or Website to book.

Feel free to send her a DM on instagram or Facebook. She is always happy to have a chat!

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awaken course

Awaken is available Face to Face for those in Perth.
(10 spots only)
Online & face to face students receive the exact same content.
The only difference face to face students have face to face workouts and online students have online workouts.

Absolutely there is.
You can chose between, 1, 2, 3 or 4 payments.

Of course.
You can absolutely run through the content with a time frame that’s in alignment with you. The content is yours forever.
Face to face students can still run through the content and workbooks at their own pace.
The workouts will run at per schedule.

Face to face students also have access to workouts loaded into the personalised training app.

It is absolutely fine if you fall behind.
Trust in your own divine timing.
You can refer back to the content whenever you like.

Awaken is designed for you to cultivate tools, combined with content and learning, for you to create the change within you and your life you wish to see. When you lean into the limiting beliefs that have held you back, you do the inner work (provided in this course), you WILL see the change.
If you are ready to step into the person and life you are desiring, then you will KNOW this is for you.

Trust yourself. You are curious for a reason!

Awaken invites all ages from 18 onwards.

Of course not.
Awaken welcomes in anyone on their journey.
Whether you have just started or whether you
are already deep into it.

Most definitely. That’s the beauty of our online world. All of the live content (Q&A’s and Breathwork) will be recorded for you and uploaded into the student portal for you to refer back to.

Hell no!If you are human, you are welcome!

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