"Lose your mind, find your soul"

Breathwork: A powerful healing modality that takes you on a journey out of your head and into your soul.

The breath, your own innate super-power, is the gateway between your current self and the unconscious body where your stored memory is. You see, your body holds on to every little experience that has had some sort of affect onto you, whether you are aware of it or not. It holds its own intelligence of remembering feelings, experiences, words, situations, people, doubts, fears, love etc and the power of your own breath allows you to tap into the data stored, bringing it to surface for you to breathe through and let go of what no longer serves, leaving you feeling much more freer and lighter.

Breathwork is a best used as a self-care practice, rather than a one-time thing. It definitely isn’t the only modality for healing; however, it most certainly is one of the most profound. The reason I say this is because it’s you and only you in that moment, connecting to your heart & body on a deeper level, without the answers coming from anything or anyone outside of you, as you simply hold every single answer and desire within you. And Breathwork can take you there.

As you have seen on the home page, there are many, many benefits of Breathing. Breathwork has multiple different ways of which it is used and there is no right or wrong as to what you experience during your session. This is what is so beautiful about it, each experience is completely unique to you and not one session will ever be the same.

I simply cannot speak of Breathwork highly enough. Not only has it changed my life, it continues to change mine and those around me.

Be ready to open yourself up to powerful insights, expansion, radical self-love, clarity & a true sense of freedom.

If you are intrigued or simply want to tap into your own innate super-power, then go ahead, click the link and book in. Breathwork offerings are weekly classes, 1:1 and couples’ sessions and it is also included inside my Awaken 6-week self-discovery course.

I know your curiosity is taking you there!

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