6 week journey to Awaken your entire being.

As you unveil the mask of which you live behind, and shed the layers that hold you back, you will come to a deep remembrance of who you are and meet her with compassion, confidence and radical self-love.

Awaken isn’t just a course that tells you information and tells you what works or doesn’t work, and it most certainly isn’t about being positive and happy all the time, it is an inner journey that provides you with knowledge to create understanding within yourself, and it shares wisdom that provokes the shift within that your heart is yearning for.

One of my favourite aspects to this journey is that it has both in person connection & online access for your own comfort.

Leave radiating with true connection to yourself, clarity to move forward with, a stronger body & sense of self and a deep sense of satisfaction with who you are and the life you are blessed to have.

You know that you have been searching for something to support you in your growth. You heart has been yearning for expansion and deeper connection to yourself & the juiciness of life. You know to the depth of your core, you feel it in your bones that you want more out of your life, yet the inner critic runs the show & leads you stray from the truth that lies within.


You’re ready for more. You feel it in your bones. You see it in your dreams at night. Your heart is bursting with excitement purely because she knows what magic is waiting on the other side for you, to step in and be the full embodied version of who you are.

Awaken is a journey that will take you into the depths of your being.

Awaken will guide you through a journey of self-exploration, it is a container of uncomfortable learnings, and a safe space to alchemise your frustrations and pain points, in pure acceptance and self-Love.

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, and if you know that there is something incredible in life waiting for you to come and get it, Awaken is for you.
Expect this journey to keep you accountable to your growth and inner development.

You will connect to yourself on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level and will experience yourself in ways that you have never seen before!
It all starts with your why, and with having the willingness to do the work.

“Wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure”

You will shift from

  • Stuck & unclear to clear & open
  • Controlling to surrendered
  • Unsure within to confident and radiant
  • Disconnected from self and life to embodied & vibrant
  • Lack of self-love & motivation to loving on yourself & ready to shine
  • Mind and ego driven to your heart & highest self leading the way.
  • Run down and tired from all of the emotional baggage stored within to free and magnetic as you manifest the desires you have in life
  • Feel unsafe and have distrust with yourself, to backing yourself 100% of the way & most of all, feeling safe within

This is your time to say YES to you. To put you first and listen to the calling of your heart.
You deserve to life a fulfilled, purposeful, juicy life, beautiful woman.
Are you ready to shift & serve you?


  • Wake up feeling radiant and magnetic
  • Live tuned in and turned on to yourself and your life
  • Have an energy about you that speaks confidence & love
  • Have the ability to heal yourself and give from a full cup
  • Be able to surrender to the flow of the divine woman and life
  • Be able to say NO and put yourself first
  • Live from an open heart filled with love
  • Have the ability to lean into fear & discomfort to create the life of your desires
  • Life from a state of abundance & clarity

Sounds juicy doesn’t it?

“What I speak, I create” – Abracadabra


  • There is no other journey like this out there. Awaken has got your back physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually
  • Awaken covers both in person connection AND online, giving you the comfort of being in your own home as well as connecting to women in a safe space
  • I have got rid of my people pleasing tendencies and embody the trust essence of who I am
  • I have worked on myself for years upon years and have cultivated the wisdom & tools to back myself 100% of the way
  • I am fucking confident in my work & service to you
  • I live the life of my dreams. My life is on PURPOSE and I manifest my desires
  • I live with love & leadership in my life and to those around me
  • I embody my work, everything you receive comes from lived and learned experiences
  • I have been in your shoes before and know what it’s like to have a heart that yearns for more fullness in life
  • Here is how I am different to the rest – I work with your body, your mind & your heart and we tap into your spirituality & connection to the greater good. There is no missing out.
  • Work with me and you will shift your life, there is no doubt about it!

Woman, it is time to step into the full-bodied version of you, that is waiting for you inside this container.


  • People pleasing – saying yes when you want to say no
  • Being too busy, tired & rundown
  • Giving from an empty cup
  • Living in fear & afraid judgement
  • Having poor physical health
  • Letting the stories of your mind run the show
  • Being afraid to express and be yourself FULLY
  • Wanting more but not getting more from your life
  • Being disconnected from your body & heart
  • Suppressing and expressing your emotions FULLY
  • Being stuck in your past experiences and conditioning
  • Feeling disempowered & from a place of lack and scarcity

I have come a long way from my hiding behind my traumas, being a scared little good girl, afraid of what others think and holding myself back, and I am so incredibly passionate to journey with you into healing and empowerment.

Who are you behind closed doors?

Awaken is for those who:

  • You are tired of your need to control.
  • You’re yearning for more out of life.
  • You want to be seen, & held in your messiness, in the true essence of who you are
  • Your body, mind & spirit wants to feel aligned.
  • You want to show up with purpose & passion.
  • You want to love yourself and have an energy about you that speaks radiance & confidence.
  • Your heart is ready for a deeper connection to self and beautiful community where you belong
  • You are opening up energetically and spirituality.
  • You feel yourself experiencing a shift & you’re not quite sure how to roll with it.
  • Are ready and willing to lean show up for yourself
  • Want to be held in safe space where you belong
  • Are ready to experience radical shifts within
  • Are ready to let go of the unwanted limiting beliefs and conditioning
  • Want to rewire your brain to empowering thoughts and belief systems
  • Are ready to cut the crappy habits and patterns and create new ones
  • Are craving to wake up every day in alignment with their centre
  • Are willing to free yourself from emotional baggage
  • Want to learn how to regulate your nervous system when faced with uncomfortable situations
  • Step into your power and purpose
  • Are ready to become a leader of your own life and to those around you
  • Become a magnet, radiant woman ready to call in your life’s’ desires & passions
  • Cultivate radical self-love and worth

Awaken is not for you if:

  • You want to live in the belief that a positive mindset is all you need
  • Want to remain stuck in the incorrect stories your mind tells you
  • You think life is always rainbows and butterflies
  • You aren’t willing to meet the parts of yourself that you have been escaping from
  • Are not willing to show up for yourself for this 6-week journey
  • Make excuses and not time for yourself
  • You are happy to stay right where you are
  • Are not willing to let go that of which no longer serves you


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